Get Fresh and Spotlight at Devon Guild of Craftsmen

As a member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen I am one of those who live and work at quite a distance from Bovey Tracey where the Guild is based. One of the great things about becoming a Trustee of the Guild is that I now visit more regularly, monthly almost, and so see more of the exhibitions that take place there.

At a recent visit I was lucky enough to see the Get Fresh exhibition in the Jubilee Gallery. This is a biennial exhibition which shows the work of emerging talent from the South West – new graduates and makers in their first five years of business. I was selected for this exhibition in 2007. Work on display this year (exhibition continues until 8 March) includes furniture, ceramics, glass, jewellery, lighting, paper, photography, sculpture and textiles. It is a selling exhibition, and whilst I was there for a few hours someone purchased two rugs by Angie Parker – seen hanging on the wall in the photograph below – it’s always great when this happens.

Angie Parker Textiles

Other work included lighting by Tess Wakeling

Tess Wakeling lighting

and metalwork lighting by Chris Dunsby.

Chris Dunsby metalwork

Other work included glass by Jenny Ayrton, furniture by Ambrose Vevers,  wonderfully colourful ceramics by Melanie Kew, sculptural pieces by Beatrix Baker, glass by Sarah Brown, ceramics by Hamish Kemp Evans, textiles by Elizabeth Loveday, work by silversmith Frank Luckham, ceramics by Alex McCarthy, paper by Helen Muir and jewellery by Chloe O’Brien.

Alongside the Get Fresh exhibition now runs until 1 March another biennial exhibition called Spotlight in the Riverside Gallery. This is an opportunity for Associate members of the Guild to showcase work which shows the scale, innovation and vibrancy of the Associate Membership scheme. Again a number of disciplines were on show including work by printmaker and enameller Sue Brown

Sue Brown enamel installation

and printmaker Jess Davies.

Jess Davies Printmaking

Other work includes collage by Tracy Satchwill, furniture by Laura Clatworthy, jewellery by Anna Harding, prints by Grace Coombes, jewellery by Tracey Falvey and textiles by Anna Glassbrook.

Also currently on show adjacent to the shop is a Handcrafted Wedding Display until 2 March.

Handcrafted wedding display at Devon Guild of Craftsmen February 2015 - image by Francesca Dawson

With this ring

I’m really busy at the moment re-stocking outlets, preparing for shows such as the Affordable Art Fair and trying to design new work. I’ve always wanted to make a ring – this is my first attempt.

vitreous enamel on copper insert


More vessels

Enamelled vesselsI’m really enjoying enamelling vessels. I think the vessels in my still life panels have been a way of working through a need that I hadn’t realised:

Enamelled panel - still life with vases

Here are some more of my new vessels. They are 4 inches high (haven’t got a ruler on me so don’t know what that is in metric – you’d never think I’d been born a few months after decimalisation!!!)

Enamelled vessels   Enamelled vessel

I love using my existing colour palette and exploiting the copper of the vessel with the use of clear fluxes, but introducing a bit of pattern.




A Little Sunshine For a Good Cause

I always look forward to the time when there are daffodils in the shops so that I can fill my rooms with them – the bathroom, the kitchen, the lounge. I love their sunnyness, they make me very happy when I look at them.

I found this quote whilst browsing on the internet:

 “A house with daffodils in it is a house lit up, whether or no the sun be shining outside.” A A Milne

Cursley&Bond in Folkestone are creating a Field of Hope in their gallery made up entirely of daffodils. These are to be raffled off at a special prize-giving event on Mothering Sunday 2014 to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

Daffodils are being made by many students, craft enthusiasts and professional designers in lots of different mediums including origami, wood, ceramics, felt, copper, silver and resin. I’ve opted for a felt daffodil as I love sewing so much.




After a lady was given a snowdrop panel as a Christmas present, I was invited to send some work to a pop up shop at the Shaftesbury Snowdrop Festival, 15 February – 1 March 2014. I sent along a selection of copper and monochrome snowdrop pictures and jewellery for them to show. The pop up shop runs alongside the Festival at The Grosvenor Arms for its duration.

I took some inspiration from the snowdrops I saw at Lacock Abbey a couple of weekends ago.



I’ve been experimenting with enamelling vessels. I purchased 50 copper vessels late last year, but have only just managed to start playing with them. I’m hoping to take  some of them to the Contemporary Craft Fair at Bovey Tracey, 7-9 June 2014.



A week ago I got a lovely email out of the blue from a lady who had been to a talk I had given at Cambridge Contemporary Crafts a couple of years ago. She had been watching Great British Railway Journeys – Series 5 – Episode 2 Stockport to Leyland and had spotted one of my pendants being worn by curator Erin Beeston. The curator of Samuel Crompton’s home Hall i’ th’ Wood, she had been speaking to Michael Portillo about the invention of the Spinning Mule in 1779 that had revolutionised the Cotton industry in Bolton. I of course got straight onto iplayer and here is how my pendant looked:

Two birds pendant appears on TVTwo birds pendant on the BBC

As the pendant is in a large size that I rarely make now, I know that it was purchased from maker Tracey Birchwood at her studio in Manchester Craft and Design Centre. Tracey very kindly stocks a wide range of my jewellery as well as panels and other designs of mine.

It’s always nice when someone gets in touch regarding work they’ve spotted or something they’ve bought, because they are doing so because they want to and not because they have to – this makes those emails very special.

I also got an email a few days prior to this from a lady who had bought some of my Almanac Gallery Christmas cards after Christmas because she liked the designs so much – she just wanted to let me know.

“Just to let you know that I came across your Christmas card at Salt’s Mill, Saltaire, yesterday, and I thought it was lovely. So I bought two, even though Christmas is over!”

New work

Carved wooden birds, painted and embellished with enamel on copper wings and eyes

I’ve been playing around with some new ideas and have carved these birds, painted them and then embellished them with enamelled wings and eyes. I love the reflection of the birds in the marble surface I’ve photographed them on (my new kitchen worktop and splashback!).

I’ll be showing them for the first time (with a few more friends) at Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, 10-13 October at Spinningfields, Manchester. I’ll be on Stand 128 and hope to see some friendly faces.