Happy 10th Birthday Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair!

The 10th Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair kicks off on 12 October (Private View in the evening) and runs through till 15 October. It’s in a new venue – Upper Campfield Market – and this year is part of the Design Manchester Festival.

I’ve taken part in all ten of these fairs in more than five different venues. It’s always exciting, it’s always full of wonderful familiar and makers with amazing ideas and skills.

I have been looking back through my photographs. Although I haven’t got them for all the years, here are some pictures of some of my stands over the year. Please excuse the poor pictures!

2008 – Manchester Grammar School

2010 – marquee in Spinningfields

2011 – in an office building near Spinningfields

2012 – marquee in Spinningfields

2013 – marquee in Spinningfields

2015 – Old Granada Studios

2015 – Old Granada Studios