A leisurely stroll at Tyntesfield

Armed with our new National Trust car badge, my husband, children and I spent Sunday afternoon was strolling round the grounds of the National Trust property Tyntesfield, near Bristol.

As I get older I get more and more like my father, noticing colours, patterns, silhouettes and lighting everywhere I look. I used to sigh and roll my eyes when he spoke about these things, and whilst I don’t have the childlike wonder that my father always had when he viewed a beautiful sunset or a broken tree, I do notice things more now.

I always take my camera with me, but don’t always remember to use it, and now I have to share it with my daughter who loves taking ‘interesting’ photographs as she puts it. But for now, here are a few of mine…..

Photograph taken at National Trust property, Tyntesfield

I love the look of these white dried up grasses in sharp focus against the blurred bark behind. The colour palette is so muted and I love the underlying greyness of it all.

Different materials at National Trust property, Tyntesfield

Again, it’s the colour and line that appeals to me here and the way the lines lie and relate to each other.

Photograph of roof tiles at National Trust property, TyntesfieldColour, colour, colour…..age is beautiful.