Frenchay Hospital commission

Blown In - commission for Frenchay Hospital NHS Trust

Just completed and installed my first ever public art commission. It’s been very exciting and I need to thank James at Arts and Business and Ruth from Fresh Arts at Frenchay Hospital NHS Trust for giving me this opportunity.

enamel on copper shaped panels

The idea for the commission was taken from a desire to create a harmonious and tranquil setting in an exterior internal courtyard overlooked by offices, corridors and acute care rooms. I took inspiration from the leaves blown into the courtyard from the surrounding area and the trees and seedheads in the immediate vicinity of the building.

How many people does it take to fix a panel?

James, Ruth and I, along with the wonderful contractors Ben and Phil spent a very damp day installing the commission piece by piece (there were over 70 components), and the sun finally came out when the last screw had been fixed!