Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, Manchester

Things have been hectic at home and stressful with the parents and so haven’t been blogging or tweeting for a while. In the midst of everything there have still been exhibitions to prepare for and a show to get ready for. Meant to send out a newsletter before the fair, but just plain ran out of time. Feel like I’m being pulled every which way, but am still making time for my work.

The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Manchester took place last weekend. It was it’s fifth year and I’ve taken part each year. Some years are better than others, but this year was a good one. There were a lot of new exhibititors including Jessica Turrell, an established and amazing enameller and jeweller of whom I am always in awe who comes from Bristol, Jin Eui Kim whose eye catching black and white ceramics played havoc with the eye and Rachel Elliott Glassworks, whose simple glass silhouettes of hares, foxes and hedgehogs were given an extra dimension through the use of print. I really enjoyed looking round the show and seeing all the new work.

Before going to Manchester I worked flat out to make sure I had new things to show and an interesting stand and I hope it was interesting to those who saw it. Several people said that they loved seeing how my work had changed and expanded over the years.

I showed some scalpel cut drawings as well as a selection of enamel combined with paper cut images for the first time.

Enamel and scalpel cut line drawing by Janine Partington

A lot of the visitors to the show had already been to see the ‘The First Cut’ paper exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery which opened during our show. I couldn’t get to see it, but am going to make sure I do before it closes on 27 January 2013. Everyone said it was fantastic.

In the meantime – here are some pics of my stand.