Sponsored origami box making

My nearly eleven year old daughter Breesha decided late last year that she wanted to raise some money for Cancer Research UK (because one of her father’s friends had cancer) and PSDS (a small localised charity providing support for children with Down’s Syndrome and their families which was co-founded by our friends whose son is our godson and has Down’s Syndrome). After much deliberation it was decided that following on from the origami workshops that she led last May for our local Arts Trail, Breesha would make as many origami boxes as possible in an hour and ask people to sponsor her.

Origami boxes for charity

Last Sunday Breesha finally completed the task under the very careful and watchful eye of her father. She made eleven boxes in the hour allotted and has so far raised over £130. Well done Breesha! And thanks to all those kind and generous people who have sponsored her.