Travelling through the rain

Last week I had to visit my mother in hospital. It was a surreal visit and a difficult one. Floods were forecast for the area where my parents lived and so I decided to travel up by train, and though we did pass through some semi-flooded tracks, we only encountered slight delays and no cancellations so we were lucky.

There was only slight rain when I reached the hospital and only slight rain when I left five hours later, and when I commented to the taxi driver that the weather wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be he pointed to the pools of water and I realised that isolated on the ward I had missed the deluge.

It can be lonely travelling on the train, despite the e-book, the snacks, the phone and when the task at the end is not a pleasant one, then the sign on the window for emergency exit can be a very inviting one. You also get a lot of time to reflect, perhaps too much. At several points in my journey I got out my camera and took photographs out of the window. Here are a couple that I particularly liked.

The first is the reflection of a tree through the opposite window and has an almost double exposure feel to it and doesn’t really seem real to me.

On the train - Bristol to Stoke-on-trent

This next image I liked because the raindrops create a random yet regular pattern layered over the blurred moving image beyond.

Patterns of raindrops on moving train

The images below look like washes of colour as the train rushed through the landscape.

From the train

From the train From the train

From the train

From the train